The ChatGPT Hype Is Over

Now Watch How Google Will Kill ChatGPT.

It’s happening. OpenAI’s losing the AI race.

  • Remember those days when ChatGPT was everyone’s topic of conversation? Yes, you do.
  • Remember those days when BeReal was everywhere? Yes, you do.
  • Remember those days when Vine was the most trending app? Uh, maybe?
  • What about when YikYak was everyone’s app? Yik-what?

Go back to high school. There’s always that popular girl in school for a few years. Ten years later, you’ll probably say, “Gosh, I haven’t heard that name in years.”

There are no hypes that last forever. Every single business or venture will decline one day or another.

  • Yes, WhatsApp won’t be used forever.
  • Apple is going to be historical.
  • Teslas are going to be sold as antiques.

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